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    "La única discapacidad en la vida
    es una mala actitud"
    - Scott Hamilton
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    "Cuando no se pueden decir las cosas
    las miradas se cargan de palabras"
    - Eduardo Sacheri
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    "La discapacidad no te define;
    te define como haces frente a los
    desafíos que la discapacidad presenta"
    - Jim Abbott
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    "Cosas difíciles son puestas en nuestro camino,
    no para pararnos, sino para llamar a nuestro
    coraje y fortaleza"
    - Anónimo​

About Us

Hacer para Ser is a centerformed by specialists and members of the community to offer comprehensive services to people with speech and learning disorders, attention deficit, autism, sensory integration and motor skills; offering training to relatives to improve the quality of life of its clients.

To achieve this, the center provides support through leading knowledge and research, as well as professionals trained inside and outside the institution; and has the assistance of renowned organizations in this field, with which the center has created alliances to achieve a greater professional benefit.

 To accomplish its mission, Hacer para Ser:

  • Has a team of pedopsychiatrists and therapists specialized in different areas (occupational, physical, emotional, language, learning); many of whom have been trained by the center.
  • It receives technical assistance and training from prestigious professionals and specialized centersin USA and Canada.

Our Vision

Our center is recognized as the Latin American benchmark for the treatment of language, speech and learning disorders, attention deficit, sensorial integrations, motor skills and autism through:

  • Our leadership and innovation in the use of therapeutic and diagnostic methodologies and tools.
  • Our interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach, and excellence and friendliness in the services we provide.
  • Our scientific contributions based on research.
  • The high level of our professional training programs.
  • Our altruistic activities.
  • The comprehensive development of its collaborators in a teamwork environments, fluid communication, respect, dedication and commitment with the center and society.
  • The ethic and professionalism of our activities.

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The Client

The individual and his/her relatives are our fundamental purpose and the focus of our efforts. We train, study and research with the goal of providing the most advanced treatments to improve their quality of life.


We create and maintain a pleasant environment, where the work team can perform in the best manner possible, and the client and his/her family can feel welcomed, catered and protected.

Integrity (commitment)

We strive to offer the best in us to our clients and to those with whom we interact in our professional activities. We act in consistency with our words, as well as with the values and policies of the center.


We want to be the best in all we do. We lead by example, an attitude towards life that challenges us and fills us with pride, and requires us to adopt and/or develop the most advanced knowledge and methodologies for the diagnostic and treatment of autism and other disorders that we treat in the center. We will achieve this through drive and determination for continuous improvement.

Humbleness and respect

We strive to perform our professional activities under the highest standards, emphasizing teamwork over individual accomplishment, and will total openness to critique.  We acknowledge and correct our mistakes, accept diversity and learn from others. We respect the dignity of those around us, and especially that of our clients, by acting with righteousness, courtesy and consideration, as we would like to be treated.


We work in a participatory manner and with share accountability, prioritizing the objectives of the center over personal or departmental goals. We understand that individual actions are not enough and the more can be achieved through synergistic group efforts, through support, collaboration and honest communication between colleagues. We take decisions in a collective manner.


To ensure our credibility and permanence, as well as the best results for our clients and their families, we share information, knowledge and experiences with colleagues, ally institutions and members of the community that offer support in different ways.

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